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Are all men in love with Shania Twain???

I have met Shania a few times and am very excited about her upcoming world tour.

I have quite a few things that she has autographed for me, including the first CD she ever signed! You can bet that little baby is pretty special to me!
(can you believe that me ex-wife wanted it??? - NOT!!!)

I currently hold over 50 pictures of Shania Twain and am hoping to post them to this page if I figure out how?!?!?

In the meantime - I share pictures of famous people which I have taken off the net with the friends that I make in the virtual chat rooms. These people are very cool and I enjoy their company very much. I have never met anyone from the net but I will be meeting 'Boots' very soon!!! HELLO BOOTS!

I look forward to traveling this summer and meeting as many of you as possible! If you want to meet me - try VP first - look for Magoo6773 or TRUST ME. If you want to help add to my postcard collection - just E-mail me for my address or check out my home page. . .

Shayne's Home Page: My first super-cool page!!!

LEFT: one of the thousands of autographs that Shania has had to produce.
RIGHT: the picture that made her famous - from the Any Man Of Mine video!

My Snazzy List of Links

Shayne's Home Page: My first super-cool page!!!
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Duane's Shania page: Pretty cool page - enjoyed what he did with some of the pictures!!!
My (not mine) Shania Twain Page: I like this page very much - very good links!!!
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